Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ii icecream - preschool style

I'm skipping my Hh is for houses lesson, frankly it was a bust. pretty much.  Some days are like that.  Anyway, we did some fun work for Ii is for ice cream.  I read a big book that we had in the classroom about how ice cream is made.  It was a great non fiction with real photos (although the photos were a bit dated).    I'll have to try to remember to look for it and note the title.

Here are a few things I did with the kids.  I had all different ice cream 'flavors' cut out of random fabric and glued to poster board.  I had the kids name the flavors and stack it on the cones.

They made up names like fuzzy moss swamp and sparkly stars.  I think the black and white stripes was a zebra flavor.  I love using random scraps because I get to remember all the fun projects they came from.  The stripes, the cupcakes, the red mesh, the blue sparkle, the apples ...

Here's the craft the kiddos made.  There were other 'topping' but Lou chose none.

I passed out ice cream scoops and had the kids come up and sort them on to the right cone.  I, i, or other.  If they had an other, they needed to tell us what it was.  They are still (as a whole) struggling with b and d.   I'll have to work on some other activities for that.

I had these ice cream related activities setting out for before class started.  They are all from Our Little Monkeys.

We've been doing a lot of practicing for our Christmas program so all of my activities have been a little short or condensed lately.  I love to see the kids sing, but goodness, I'll be glad when it's all over.

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Dawn said...

I love the creativity of the ice cream flavors. How fun to play & imagine like that :)

Your sorting game is really fun, too...would you mind if I linked to that from my ice cream post?

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