Saturday, December 24, 2011

those clip boards

In the recent big pick, there were five old clipboards. Bee and I had just been talking about picking up some clipboards for her to display her artwork on. She's been quiet the artist lately. I've even unpacked my artist watercolors, chalks and charcoals for her. We set up the easel on her desk and she's been producing art like a mad woman. 

We've done this remake with clipboards before, but we just traced some scrapbook paper and modge podged it on. 

 We hung all five on the wall above her desk (which she keeps pushing closer to her window so she can draw things outside).  You could use these to hang photos or art work or notes, whatever you need displayed.   They hang right under her photo canvas artwork

Bee received some Christmas money from my Grandma and what a proud and happy mama I was, she asked me to take her to the art store and she spent almost all her money on more watercolor paper and a nice set of watercolor pencils.  I got out my good watercolor brushes and she's a happy artist.   I was almost as proud as the day she said she wanted to learn to sew!

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Sparkling said...

That's fun! What a great way to display her artwork and change it as she wants to!

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