Tuesday, December 27, 2011

quick ruffle bags

In the two weeks before Christmas we had four birthday parities to go to. They were good ones too; mini golf place, gymnastic place, pottery studio, frozen yogurt place.

One was a boy in Bee's class and we had something in the present box for him, the others were girls and Bee had strong opinions on what to give them.  I set her budget a little lower this time since it's December and frankly, I wanted to spend that money on gifts for family.

Each girl got a small gift that Bee chose and a little lined ruffle bag that I made up using fabric on hand.  My favorite was the purple.  It's made from an old skirt that I loved and tried to remake as another skirt, but failed.  The first is fabric my littlest sister gave me at Thanksgiving.  

Bee's favorite is this brown Hawaiian floral.  We seem to have very different taste in fabrics.  It's leftover from a large order of matching coffee cozies.  They were bridal shower favors or something. The ruffle is fabric from my sister at Thanksgiving.  This was a great budget saver and a nice way to use up fabric on hand.  Plus, these bags are so easy and quick to make.  It was a win-win for us.

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Sparkling said...

Love the polka dot fabric! What did the girls think? Did they open them in front of Bee?

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