Monday, January 2, 2012


This made me giggle when we picked Lou up from Sunday school today.  Hmmmm... 

Also, on the way home he looked out the window and said, "Look!  a squawk of black birds!"  Bee corrected him with the word "flock," but we've been laughing about it all day.  It was one of those large flocks, like 5,000 birds.  My nightmare!

I actually do have some things I want to write about.  We are back from our travels and ready to start school up on Monday.  I thought I'd have time on Sunday, but hubby made me move furniture around in two rooms, which means cleaning and reorganizing.  I had school plans and such left them to cram in once the kids were in bed.  We have some 'New Years resolutions' that should be freeing up some extra time, but I'll have to share about that later.  

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Sparkling said...

THis reminds me of my cousin whose son had just learned that a flock of crows is called a murder. When they drove by a big flock of them, he said "hey, pull over, there's a mruder!" and my cousin didn't know what to do!!

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