Sunday, April 15, 2012

last one- more pictures

This post keeps posting itself no matter what I set the date for, it happens sometimes.  So these pictures have been sort of posted for the weekend already.  But, now I've added a few captions. 

I'm just going to get all the rest of the pictures up and out there.  This is the last of the spring break fun.

Lou got a new scooter, like the big kids.  Bee got inline skates.  There was a lot of skating and scooting over spring break.  Both things are nice because they travel so well.

Lou does tricks on it.  He said he is like Tony Hawk for scooters.  We are constantly one crazy trick away from the ER with him.

One of the days we were in MO, we went to a Civil War battlefield.  It was the battle of Wilson's Creek.  

We used the large fields to fly kites.  

And get ticks.

Straight ahead is a tiny little cabin where the confederate commanders were staying when the union attacked.  To the backside of the cabin is now called 'Bloody Hill.'  Bee and Lou said they spotted no blood.

Lou wanted to see the cannons.

Bee looked everywhere for old bullets.  I told here there were probably some still in the ground, but we wouldn't find them.  She said if we tried hard enough, we might. 

We tried hard, but did not find any bullets.  We did find ticks.  Did I mention that? Some of us went home with ticks as souvenirs.

Another day we had a silly string fight.  Lou had been wanting to try silly string after seeing the neighbors boys have a fight with it.  When I saw some at the dollar store, I bought several cans.  We surprised Bee with it.

And then we all got to play. 

Daddy and Aunt C were having just as much fun as the kids. And then Lou thought something was not fair and he cried and then the fun was pretty much over.  It's a reoccurring things with him.  Fun keeps ending in tears.

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