Saturday, April 21, 2012

May there always be sunshine

When I student taught, my supervising teacher told me that I needed to learn to beg, borrow, and steal.  So this idea comes from one of Lou's teachers and I stole it.  I think all the other girls have used it too.  It's well stolen now.  I'm just following some good advice.

It's based on Jim Gill's book and song, May There Always Be Sunshine.  After I read/sang the book, the kids sang/read it with me.  Then we talked about what they would like there to always be.  I wrote it down and sent them with their page to work around the room.  They spent several minutes working and then returned their page to me.  I just love how independent they are!

They came up with some good things! This was such a fun class book. 

I read/sang it to them and they joined me the second time.  

Throughout the day and rest of the week, they asked for us to all sing it again several more times.

Love this tiger!

It was a short day because we had a special group come in for a program.  I only needed a short circle time activity and a  game for later.  We played this "I Have, Who Had?" with capital letters.  It's from Teachers Pay Teachers, from Julia PowellIt took the kids a few minutes to catch on, but they did get it and we've played it again since. 

I had to white-out some of the curly-ness on some of the letters so that the letters were recognizable. 


Betsy said...

I love this! What a great class project. Thanks for sharing!

Sparkling said...

That alphabet game reminds me of a game I tried to play once but it seemed too complex and I never tried it again. Recently, i've been letting 8th grade "teach" review lessons to the class and one pair of kids did this activity. Once they explained it, everyone seemed to understand and it worked really well. Obviously, we're beyond the alphabet, so it was body parts in French. Someone said the French word for leg and the person who had that word in English read the new body part on the back of their card, and so on. Once the class understands the activity, you can do it with literally ANYTHING. Get a kid to explain it and suddenly everyone will get it!

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