Sunday, April 8, 2012

nighttime egg hunt

We had a glow in the dark egg hunt!  Actually, we did it a number of times.  I saw this idea at Mommy savers, which I found via pinterst.  

I found the translucent eggs and the glow sticks at the dollar store.  We found that in order to get the glow-sticks to fold up enough to stay in the egg without popping it open, we had to roll them up and tape them with clear tape.  

We played over and over and over, then we had to go to bed.  I sent them over to the neighbor girls who are a little older and I knew would be staying up later.  No sense in wasting some good glow-sticks, those suckers just aren't any good after the first night.  

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Sparkling said...

What a FUN idea!!

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