Wednesday, April 25, 2012

daddy dates

Today (or yesterday, or last week, depending on when you read this) was Daddy's birthday at our house.   I had taken some of my Mama Bee shop money and was ready to get him a bigger treat, but a few days prior to his birthday, he declared that he did not in fact want the item I had planned on getting him.


Then all I could think of were little things that he might want.  I had a little money to play with (so that was nice!) so I decided to get all the little things!  You could go totally free or pretty cheap on this, or put a little money in it (literally). 

The kids and I put together a bunch of envelopes with special things we like to do with Daddy.  We called it "Daddy Dates."  We added free things like:  Go on a picnic,  have the neighbors over for a cook out, kids up up sticks in the yard, movie night at the house, etc.

Bee added one that she could make a delicious breakfast.  She does make some mean scrambled eggs.

Then we got to add some of Daddy's favorites:  Pick out a book at the bookstore.  We added gift card or cash where needed.  Bee and Lou wrote and decorated everything.

Get a babysitter!  Obviously this is for a mommy daddy date.  The kids groaned when he read this one.  (Side note- I can't believe how much it cost to get a babysitter!  I'm happy to pay it to ensure quality childcare- but geesh!  We pay a babysitter more per hour than I make at my job!  Not that I am bragging that we pay sitters so much- we pay the going rate, I'm sure)

Shaved ice!  We have the best stand near us and it's only $1!  Love me some tigers blood shaved ice!  (I think it's strawberry and peach?)  Watch, they'll change the price this year.

I took at bunch of pictures, but they were all pretty much the same.  Some others were:   Treats at the ballpark,  Ice-skating, Go to the movies,  Putt putt golf, go out to breakfast,  pick out a new CD, coffee at your favorite little shop, etc. 

He loved his gift.  I think we'll all have fun going on our daddy dates.  Except when we have to pick up sticks.  You know I'll be the one doing it.

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