Monday, April 9, 2012

Science Zone

It's another picture overload from Spring Break. I'm not even captioning most, except a disturbing one in the middle.

I think my sister had as much fun as the kids.

 These photos are from Discovery Zone in Springfield, MO. We could have spent all day there.

So, this was my favorite exhibit.  I'd never seen anything like this and then after talking to a staff person, I was sort of disturbed.  This is a 5-7 day old embryo of a baby chick.  It's still alive and you could see the heart beating!   They had them at daily stages.  This was the last.  I thought perhaps the chick could continue to grow and survive like this, but they just get a new one every 2 days as this little chick dies. 

There was  neat DNA experiment that Bee got to lead us through.

And then there was another thing that the kids were just a tiny bit too little for....

The girl supervising even encouraged Hubby's goofy leaning to the side. 

Note the sign:

Lou wouldn't try this static machine, but everyone else did!

Here's a larger version of our wooden xylophone!

You would think this is the last of the spring break pictures, but it's not...

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