Friday, April 6, 2012

backing up a bit- St. Patricks Day

 Let me back up a bit.  This is St. Patrick's Day fun.  I saw this at on-hand modern.  I loved it.  Sending a balloon in a box.   We have a special person that we wanted to send a special treat to.

Lou and I stopped by the flower shop with our box all ready.  We had the gal at the counter roll up a $2 bill and insert it into the balloon prior to inflating.  We tied it to a card we printed from Make It Do.  We used them last year with the kids too.  I love $2 bills.   (sorry these photos are taken with my ipod)

We sealed it up (and labeled it carefully) and immediately took it to the post office.  I knew time was not on our side for a helium balloon needing to travel a couple hundred miles. 

 We got an email when the balloon arrived at it's destination and the poor thing had shriveled up pretty well.  It was a sorry looking balloon at that point.  But, when it was popped, the $2 was found. 

Then, a few days later, this arrived for us.  What a treat!  I love this and I had not seen it anywhere online.  It's a baggie with a rainbow of twizzlers.  The labels reads, "You are the Pot of Gold a the end of our rainbow."  There are two golden coins in there too!   Lou gobbled it up but Bee has nibbled but has it mostly left.  She's silly like that.

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