Saturday, April 7, 2012

notes in eggs

There may be time for this last minute project, if not, you better file it away for next year. I just thought it was so cute! I saw it at Oh Party, via Pinterest.  The directions there are very simple, but I added a step.  

Eggs get hollowed out.  One hole can be a little bigger, you're going to need to slip a note in it.  Blow the yoke and other gunk out.  I thought maybe I could save the egg insides to cook, but tiny shell scraps and my breath was all over it.  To each their own though.  

Here's part of what I added:  I noticed that the larger hole had a lot of the inside membrane covering it up.  It wasn't going to dry like that.  I used a tweezer to open that up a little. 

Then I decided they were drying too slowly.  The eggs need to be dry, thoroughly dry, inside and out.  I set my oven for 170 and let them sit inside for a few hours.  I added this step because we did a first egg and cracked it opened, just to see how it all worked... the note was wet and gooey.  Gross.

Since I was going to paint at least one of these eggs, I covered the smaller hole from blowing with a little white school glue.  You couldn't even tell it was there after that dried. 

Next, a little note gets written on a slip of paper, rolled up and slipped in the hole.  I covered the larger hole with a circle of colored tape.   You could use stickers or a dot of hot glue, or whatever.  Our notes read something like,  "You are egg-stra special!"

Then I did some painting.  This egg got to be blue with white dots.  The others  just got colored circles.  I used the eraser end of a pencil for the dots. 

This egg got mailed, so I readied a box.  I went with a box in a box and lots of foamy paper in between to hopefully cushion it all.  

The outside of the box reads, "open."

The inside flap reads, "crack me."  I tucked the egg in with some paper Easter grass.  Hopefully it will survive the mailing. 

Bee and Lou will get a similar egg on Easter, probably just in with their Easter basket.  They added notes inside this shipped egg, so they will know the drill. 

edited to add:  Here are ours from Easter morning.  They opened beautifully.  The shells were so dry- they broke nicely. 

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