Sunday, April 1, 2012

spring break -more of it

I hadn't planned on days and days of spring break photos, but here they are. 

We went to a fish hatchery on Table Rock Lake.  Apparently, they have to raise and release gobs and gobs of trout to supplement what is happening naturally.  

We fed them.  Lots of food.  They should be fattened and ready to release anytime now.  Bee was very dutiful and made sure to feed each little area.  No fish left behind. 

We're pretty sure Mike Row could visit this place.  The signs told of some gross cleaning work that happened periodically.

Then we spent some time at the playground.

Bee and Lou are both monkeys, but Lou finally got the monkey bars!

Then he did tricks.  Man, that boy is a broken arm waiting to happen.  

The boys went to see the tornado Imax show and the girls went to the Titanic museum.  You couldn't take pictures inside, you could even have your phone out. 

Bee had asked repeatedly about going this visit and although it was a little grown up with lots of reading and quiet looking, she said it was her favorite part of our trip. 

We were able to look up more information about her talking book report person, Ruth Becker.  We learned that Ruth had her ashes spread over the titanic crash site.

Oh my goodness, I should have gotten her to wear her costume.  It would have cost me a dollar, but how sweet would it have been. 

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Danielle said...

Beth, I am so jealous! My dream job is to actually be a fish biologist and work at a fish hatchery! The Titanic Exhibit looks fun! The traveling exhibit just came to The Henry Ford Museum in MI and I really want to check it out. I just need to convince my hubby that 27 dollars is worth it ($17 to get into the museum and $10 for the exhibit).

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