Saturday, April 14, 2012

baby hats

My current job share partner just became a grandma again.  This is her third.  She text(ed) {is text the past, present and future tense of the word?} me a photo she had taken of a computer screen that had a picture of a baby in a newsboy hat displayed.  Through this rough random photo, I knew what she was wanting.  I did a quick raverly search and found a free pattern for a baby newsboy hat at Hands Full of Happiness.  It was an easy to use pattern and being only one kind of stitch, would be a good one for a newer crocheter.

The green hat was my rough draft.  She wanted the hat (cream with wooden buttons) to be for infant pictures so I made up the infant size.  It turned out to be really really small.  It was probably either because of my gauge or yarn thickness.   I went with the next baby size up, and ended up with a hat in just the right size. 

In fact, I've made two more identical hats this week for other new babies.  This cream yarn is just from Joann Fabric, and of course, the paper label is missing now.  It is super soft, but not fuzzy and hard to work with.  

This is going to be one of those spring/summers full of babies around here.  Not in our house, but bunches of our friends are having their third or (gulp) fourth kiddo.  There will be more hats and more dresses. 

This project also gave me some motivation to organize all my knit and crochet patterns.   

They were random and disorganized and in various locations.  They are now nice and tidy and organized.  Oh happy day.

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baby hats said...

This cream colour with wooden button is looking so cool. eally this is great matching pair with baby hats. I also make this type of cap.

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