Wednesday, April 11, 2012

egg hunt

Happy Easter!  Or, rather, happy week after Easter....  That's sort of how this week has been.  How is it half over already?

 We're on the front porch here sitting on my new treasure.  Hubby and I have been looking for a pew for a few years now.  We finally stumbled on it this weekend. We've looked at others and either they needed too much work, were too expensive, or we simply missed out by not buying right away.  This was a steal at $35!  My sweetie spied in on Craigs List and we went to the sale first thing in the morning with cash and bungee cords.  This summer it will get a little sanding and some new varnish, but the covered front porch will be it's home for now. 

Since we moved backed to Indiana a few years ago, we have hosted a little egg hunt in our neighborhood.   We like to start out in the front yard with a few simple games while some of the dads hide eggs in the backyard.

This year was our smallest number.  Some friends ended up a a family gathering, so we just had 6 kids.  That meant a lot of eggs per kid!

No one complained about it though!

When your basket is full, just use your shirt. 

We always tell the kids a number of eggs to stop at.  The bigger kids are just so fast and the little ones need a chance to get a bunch too. 

The eggs had stickers, bubbles, chuck e. cheese coins, balloons, and candy.  Lou seemed to find all the chocolate. 

The games only take 10-15 minutes and the hunt only takes 10 minutes or so, but then the kids usually play a bit and count eggs and trade treats.  The parents get a few minutes to chat and then we all get back to our other Easter activities. 

I just love these green balloon pictures.  This is a favorite neighbor friend.

The friends take whatever goodies they find and dump the plastic eggs back in a box for next year.

I hope you had a basket full of goodies too!

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Christina said...

Your camera is taking some nice pictures!! Love the picture of Bee... she's looking scarily grown up though.

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