Tuesday, June 5, 2012

last week in the garden

This is last week. I'm about a week behind with a lot of things. The kids are going to bible school this week, so I hope to get mostly caught up.

Here's what I had typed last week and it seems to have been pretty much right:  

The logan berries are in. Yum!  I think we'll get @ 3 cups a day for the next  week or so and then they'll trickle in for another week. Here's two separate days harvest (in the white bowl and the green bowl)  If anyone local wants a start from this plant, let me know!  It's spreading faster than I know what to do with.   The strawberries are just a trickle now too.

I had enough to make a crisp!  It was tasty, but the seeds were annoying.  I won't use this recipe again with these berries.   I did eat all of the yummy crunchy topping though.

Bee has a special interest in the sweet peas.  They are starting to come in and she's excited to get picking.


Bee picks, I eat.  Then I have to pay her a quarter for her picking.  I'm not sure how this arrangement was figured out.  She's a natural entrepreneur. 

I don't think I've shown our ghetto netting system for the berries.  The logan berries grow along our side fence. The strawberries grow below.  It was a poor plan in some ways, but we inherited this set up.   The former home owners planted these plants the summer before they moved, they never even got to enjoy them.  The netting is our old trampoline netting.  It's worked great to keep out the bunnies and birds. The netting can be pulled up over the logan berries, but the thorns make it hard to pull back to pick, so we're leaving it slightly back right now.

Also, the spinach season has come to a close for us.  It's all gone to seed.  It and the lettuce are just pretty much gross right now.

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Megan said...

Wow, that all looks so delicious - I wish I grew my own fruit and veggies!

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