Wednesday, June 13, 2012

weekend trip

Here is our weekend in no particular order (i.e. slightly backwards).

We went to St. Louis.  As part of Lou's baseball team fundraiser, we went to a Cardinals game and got to go on the field before the game.

There we are on the big screen.  Hubby is in yellow and the kids are in front of him.  I'm hidden in between, but taking the picture.

Let's pretend this nice player on the Indians is signing something for Bee.  Well, no.  Bee was the last person in line and he walked away right as she was handing him her ball glove to sign.  He signed for all the grown ups and thugish teen agers and walked away for the little girl.

Magic House.  (That's the face of Bee and Lou)

Fitz Bottling Co.  You can watch the bottling line make the root beer. 

Then you can enjoy one!

Lou seems impressed!

I love when we get away for the weekend, but we need a few days to catch up now!

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