Monday, June 4, 2012

photo booth strips

 I must tell you about this great feature I found on a website.  It lets you turn any photos you want into photo booth strips.  Perfect for my photo booth pictures from the graduation party!

You can choose any 4 shots and upload them (after signing up for free) at Huge Blue Labs.   It looks like they are other photo fun tools, but I only have played with the photo booth strips.  You load them up, select a few options and then download the strip as a picture file.   If you sign up with them through facebook, you can share right away on facebook, or tweet them or whatever.   If I can figure it out, you can too! 

(although whenever hubby walks by and I am working on my blog, I quickly switch the format to html and it looks like I write in html code.  He asked me once if I was writing in html code and I was like, "well, yeah... why?"  He said, "Oh, I just didn't know you knew how to do that."  He's very impressed!)

The above strips have been made black and white and antiqued by checking a box with that option.  

There's the option to do color, but I love the b&w.  This is not a paid shout our to Huge Blue Labs or anything, just me saying I found this cool thing and I thing you should spend an hour or two having fun with it too.  Sleep is highly overrated. 

(Note though, that it does better with pictures where the action is in the center- or it cuts people off.  There is no tool to scoot the view box around or anything like that.)

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