Sunday, June 24, 2012

belly laugh

I ended up spending about 8 hours in the past two days sewing on patches and general mending of a neighbors Marine uniforms (His entire military wardrobe it turned out).  I was happy yo do it, but had not planned on that time being allotted to the project and especially when I had a short deadline.  Also, he mentioned that if the pieces weren't done by the book, he could get demoted.  Thankfully, he left the book too.  

Anyway, the kids were great (mostly) and played nicely (ish) with each other when I needed them to (in general).  When I finally announced I was finished,  the kids were mid play; something involving army guys and polly pockets and a wedding.  I inherited this house and these men. 

Me:  Lou, there are a lot of guys in one house.
Lou:  Yeah, It's a habitat house.
Me:  So, a lot of people live in one house?  (good grief, how has he gotten this impression?)
Lou:  (eye's rolling) Mooooom, they're workers.  (Duh!)

Then I had the best belly laugh.  He was playing that his guys were working on a Habitat for Humanity house just like daddy did last week. 

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