Saturday, June 16, 2012

score for me

I've been keeping my eyes out for an overhead projector.  I knew with everybody going to smartboards, I'd find one eventually.  I was at church to take Lou to reading camp when I spied one in from of a classroom. They are doing a lot of cleaning out and some remodeling in the children's wing.  I asked about it and found out that it was up for grabs. They even asked if I also wanted a four drawer file cabinet.  Why, Yes, I did!

Free!  I scored an overhead projector and file cabinet for free!   We've been using some of our lightboard pieces on it, but mostly drawing with our crayola dry erase crayons. I like them better than transparency markers and dry erase markers since those get on clothes. 

We've been doing math problems and drawing and writing stories.  School work is way more fun on an overhead. 

I kind of want another for parts... that's just being greedy, right?

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