Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 drawing games- for while you wait

We just got back from a fun weekend out of town.  It meant a few hours in the car and hubby and I decided to go technology free, rather, force the kids to go technology free.

I made some new seat sacks a few weeks ago for the car and packed them full of paper, mazes, books, crayons, stickers, etc.   (These pictures are a different weekend road trip, obviously not the technology free weekend.)

 I tried to take pictures of the construction of these sacks, however, it was night time-basement pictures and those are never good.  It didn't work out so much.   

 I had them loop over the seat with an elastic band at the bottom.

I used some repurposed belts for the attachment at the top.  

It's hard to argue with this quietness from the backseat, but we did go tech free this most recent trip. 

Amongst other things, we played three different drawing games that I thought I'd share.  These games could work for anytime you are waiting, seems we do that more than I would like.

Partner drawing game:
This produced a lot of giggles.

Bee and Lou both drew a part of a picture and then switched clipboards.  The other person finished the first person's picture.  Here, Lou drew a turtle being flown by balloons hooked to a harness.

Then, Bee added something.  This was the favorite.  She added it peeing.  We're classy like that.

Sticker picture/sticker story:
They each started with a blank piece of paper, then added a few stickers.  Sometimes we played where I handed them a few random stickers, other times, they handed each other random stickers.  Then they completed the picture and made up a story of what was going on.  I used to have my second and third graders use this as a story starter and write out their story.  Our stickers are from those themed sticker books you can get at aldi's for under $5.  They come with hundreds of pictures.
Here's Bee's:  Two woodland rodents found a piece of cheese in the woods.

Here's Lou's:  a plan crashed into a tractor.  Nice. 

Existing Lines:
I drew a line or squiggle on a paper and they finished the picture.  Here, I drew the arch (we were on our way to St. Louis!).

Bee turned it into ice-cream cake. 

Here's another from Bee.  I drew the curvy line and she turned it into a hill and drew our family.  

Here are a few cute ones from Lou:  

I drew the triangles at the bottom and he drew a tree with Charlotte's spider web in it and and a barn with Wilbur in it.

I drew the flower petal shape and he drew Bee holding a flower. 

I drew four small circles on the right side of his drawing and he turned it into a smoke stack with lights. 

Luckily, we had a large amount of scrap paper, rescued from the recycling place, because we went through a lot of paper.  Either way, we successfully occupied three hours each way without screens.

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