Thursday, June 7, 2012

end of school- Bee

Here are a few old things I'm cleaning up out of my draft pile.  Thanks to bible school this week I'm getting a few odds and ends done!  Love it.  Now I see what mom's who stay home full time even when their kids are in school are doing. They are getting things done!  Sorry I judged in the past.

Anyway, here are a few fun things from the last week of school.  I seriously felt like it was the busiest week of school this year.  

Bee had an awards program at school that I wasn't going to go it, but her teacher sent me an email and said that Bee was getting an award and she didn't know yet.  Hello, she won three awards!  She got the Presidential fitness award (that's the photo above, only those few girls won it out of the whole school!)  National is when you exceed 50% of the criteria, Presidential is when you exceed 85% of the criteria.  

She also got highest honor roll for a GPA or 3.75 or higher and and award for being the top AR reader in her class.  

I'm currently reading a book about the newest scientific research in the past few years concerning child development and parenting.  We aren't supposed to praise kids for how smart they are anymore, but WOW!  She got a big high five for being super.  Smart and all.  I tried to get her to dress up a bit for the program but without telling her why I didn't have a lot of leverage.  She chose her most comfortable clothes as usual.

They also had a field day.  It was the most well organized field day I've ever been to.  I appreciated that since I was asked to be a judge.  Bee won the 50 yard dash for the first grade girls and her team won the leap frog.  A dad judge who was working the lane next to me tried to argue that Bee's team was taking too long of jumps at the end of each string of crouching kids, thus cheating.  I'm sure that's how the first grade girls at our Christin school roll... cheating at leapfrog.   He argued several little things like that.  It's a good thing this was just first grade field day or I would have gotten all crazy with him.  Well, probably not.

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