Monday, June 18, 2012


A few carrots were ready according to the days numbered on the seed package.  I don't think something went exactly right, they were teeny tiny. We picked only two and will leave the rest another month or so before trying again.  They were tasty though.  (Bee and I have been going round and round over her mess of curls.  She needs to keep a clip in her hair to keep it our of her face!)

Although the kids didn't think they were that good.  Lou liked them until Bee had this reaction and then that seems appropriate and spitting was the thing to do.

Each morning there are a handful of sweet peas to pick.  It's perfect for lunch.  Or munching on in the yard which is where most get eaten.  We had 1 blueberry this year.  It's better than last year!  I ate it and didn't even show the kids!  There are two of them and only one berry. That wouldn't have gone well.

The green beans are also starting to come in, which is exciting for me.  I've never grown green beans well and always struggled with the bunnies and other critters. These were the best green beans I've ever had.  This batch got boiled, but the next night I grilled them.  Yum!  There are only 3 plants ready to pick but a dozen more in a few weeks.  Hopefully I won't have to buy many from the farmers market this year.

 I spent several hours this weekend weeding and laying fresh straw in the garden.  It's looking much more presentable now, I'll have to take pictures this week.  It had gotten weedy weedy!

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Sparkling said...

i'm growing carrots for the first time and though my green are much bigger than yours look, i am going to wait a little bit longer. i've read about how you shold brush away the dirt a little and see how big the shoulders are before picking. mine look bigger than yours but i want to let them go a little longer. plus the greens are so pretty!! it's weird that you still have peas but your blueberries have already passed. our bluieberries don't usually come until july but i noticed the other day that they look like thye are starting to turn already. green beans do provide quite a lot of satisfafction whrn you finally figure out how many you have to grow to get the supply you want!

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