Friday, December 25, 2009

Bee's homemade gifts

I wrote about Lou's homemade Christmas gifts, but haven't mentioned Bee's. Hubby is working on a stage that won't be installed in the playroom until Christmas Eve. (although by the time this is published, it will be done and gifted)

I made some sparkly curtains to complete the stage.

I picked up a small wooden dresser for her at a thrift store. We are in the middle of refinishing it. This will hold her doll clothes and accessories. Darn the Pleasant Company, they sent those flashy catalogues and now she is getting an American Girl (not from us) and lots of clothes and gear (also not from us). Hopefully this little dresser with keep it all in check.

I'm doing a roughed up look. I will be adding some painted birds and a cloth topper like for a changing table.

Here's the stationary set I had fun putting together for her. She loves to write letters and notes to her friends and family. She writes me a lot of notes. I save all of them, well, most of them. She is always begging for envelopes and note cards. In her set are fancy pencils, erasers, note cards, return address labels, note paper, and of course stickers. There are a bunch of envelopes too. I found this case at the thrift store for $2. The contents inside were all picked up cheaply. The return address labels are from vista print

Lou is working on this little number for her. It is for all of her many many small treasures. He keeps telling her that he is giving her a house. Luckily she is clueless and he can't describe it any further.

Here's what Bee made Lou. We ordered the plain little wooden dolls from this etsy shop for about $4. She painted one set and I painted the other. I added some clear finish when they were all done. I love her addition of eyebrows!

I'll be sharing lots of Christmas pictures tomorrow and then some family pictures after that since we have lots of company for Christmas. Good times!

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grandma said...

You certainly have had lots of projects going. You have made this a Christmas of love. The little chest you found is perfect.