Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is serious (in my best Ming Ming voice)

I mailed out an order for a cape yesterday. I have only had two or three capes to make since Christmas, a welcome break from the crazyness of capes that was my December. Over Thanksgiving weekend alone, I had 16 cape orders. I don’t know who Isabel is, but she is turning 3 and someone who cares about her is getting her a lovely pink and purple handmade cape. She may be a super hero or a princess or even a Wonder Pet, something we play sometimes.

When I started making capes, I detested working with the slippery satin. I now have a love hate relationship with it. I don’t really dislike sewing with it since I have picked up a few tricks with pinning and ironing that have helped keep things from slipping while I am working with the satin. But more than that, I love the finished product. I think the finished capes just look so nice and polished. It is a finished product that I am proud to sew my tag onto. I have several shields available, most of which have been ideas from customers wanting custom orders. This particular satin comes in about 15 colors. Between the colors, shield styles, choice of sizes, and personalized letters, I doubt I have made two alike in the approximately 50 I have sewn in the past year 18 months. My favorite thing about the capes is the great pretend play that comes from wearing it. My own children and their friends have been numerous creative characters when they done their capes. I like when I get to be Ming Ming.

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