Saturday, April 20, 2013

preschool quilt day

Here are just a few little things from Qq day.  It was my co-teachers turn to teach, and she did a quilt theme. 

The kids really liked having this sticky quilt project out all week.  They designed, and took down and redesigned.   I love projects when they want to keep on resetting and repeating.   This is just contact paper taped to the table sticky side up with a collection of fabric cuttings from my stash.  We've used this same idea for other sticky projects through the year (like turkey partsfish).

This was a great circle time activity courtesy of my co-teacher.  She said it took a lot of time to get it organized and together but it was really sweet.

Each child got a sheet of paper divided into quilt blocks and numbered.  Each child also got a little baggie of squares with the other children's names.  She had the kids spread out the names a little and then gave clues of what name to find.  She might have just said the name or said it's a girls name that starts with A.  Enough clues were given for everyone to correctly identify the name and then she told them where to glue it.

At the end, they all went home with a paper friendship quilt with each friend's name.

Here was our craft. The kids glued pretty scrapbook paper cuttings to a page.  It would have been great in their journals too, but I didn't see any reason to repeat the activity just for that.  

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