Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring breaken it.

The dog came on Spring break with us.  He's a good traveler, but hardly ate the whole time we were gone.  He got to meet my sister's little dog, Harley.  They were mostly friendly.  FYI- my dog... can open doors.  Locked lever handled doors.  We discovered this while we were out one day and got a call. 

We took in a little Disney on Ice.  It was super neat but seriously, $12 for cotton candy?  I'm in the wrong business!  We saw the princess version, not the 'boy' version, but no one knew the difference.

Spring break snow?  It wasn't as nice as the beach, but it wasn't a bad thing.  That new dog of ours loves snow! He was romping and playing and having a great time.  And looked pretty smart in his coat!  I did have to go out an buy new snow boots.

We spent a few days visiting my mom in St. Louis.  On our visit last summer, we went to The Magic House and a ballgame.  This time, we went to City Museum.  Oh my goodness!  What a fun fun time we had! 

This is about the most I got the kids to hold still the entire time we were there.  We even left and went to eat and came back and climbed and crawled and explored some more! 

I couldn't even take my camera in the area because I wouldn't fit with it.  We were crawling and climbing and squeezing in areas that I didn't think we could go. 
 I had as much fun as the kids and can't wait to go back.  Bee and Lou were the perfect age to start going.  Last summer might even have been too young to really enjoy it as much as we did.  We have years of enjoyment ahead! 

I wore the wrong shoes, boots with a heel, but managed.  Not the best for climbing in these cages.

Lou has shown some interest in national landmarks, which is pretty fun. 

We aren't exactly travelers, but maybe we will be.

Visiting the arch has been on his short list for almost a year.

He took his camera.

We went up in the arch.   My mom promises that I've been before, but I don't remember at all.  I think I would have remembered squeezing in a tiny pod of an elevator and being super dizzy.

 It was neat, but I won't be doing that again anytime soon.   

We even got home with a few days of break left, which when you travel, is super important.  You've got to get laundry caught up and the fridge restocked before you start real life again.  The kids are happy to announce just about 7 weeks left of school! 

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