Thursday, April 11, 2013


Last day of Valentines Day in April.

Here are some fun valentines we gave or got this year.

Here's Bees.  I used the 'print to cut' feature on the silhouette (because it's an awesome machine) to make and cut out scalloped cards.  It's an image that I purchased through the silhouette online shop.  It was in a group of 4 different scalloped shapes. I think the shapes will get used plenty.  We made up friendship bracelets for all the kids in her class.  There are only 13 kids total.  (Can you image teaching only 13!)

We attempted a new type of friendship bracelet.  You make a wheel out of something sturdy with 8 slits.  7 strings are laced through with 1 empty slot.  There is a whole in the middle for the work to pass through. The second string back from the blank gets brought up to the empty spot.  Repeat.  A million times.

The stitching was really cool.

But time consuming for even just 13 bracelets.  Here are some better directions for that type.  We ended up going with the way we used to make them at camp. Fast and cool enough.  I'll have to doing something with a tutorial for that in the summer.

Here are Lou's valentines.  I printed them free here at Sweet Muffin Suite.  Lou and Bee both stamped their valentines with little name stampers I ordered from Pick Your Plum.

I mentioned this one already, but we mailed a bottle of paper hearts and other little goodies to a buddy for Valentine's Day.

Here are some cute Valentines either I got from preschool friends or the kids got from their school parties.  Our neighborhood school does not celebrate Valentines day with treats and valentines.  How sad.


That's it for Valentines day.  For this year.  Promise.

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