Wednesday, April 10, 2013

valentines table activies- preschool style

We're looking at more valentines day things today.  In April.  We're running the air conditioner at this house today. 

So here are a few things from the preschool tables. 

I had out these heart erasers and little heart shaped containers.  The kids poured and closed up containers and shook them, and opened containers and dumped them out and did it again and again.  I think the containers and erasers are from the Target dollar section in years past.

I mentioned these missing number activity last year, they are from Musings of Me. They used to be a free download, but are now part of a bigger Valentines Day pack available in her TPT store.

The sensory box was random pink, purple, and white pom poms and feathers.  This class particularly likes the sensory boxes.  They're all about pouring the beans.

We left out various little paper hearts to color.  They came in handy as we had to make some last minute valentines for a friend who forgot on party day.   The kiddos made pretty hearts for their parents for a whole week.   The are available to print for free here at Creative Classroom.

This poor Valentines bingo is several years old and had been played at both Bee and Lou's parties as well as in my classroom.  I think we did play it whole class one day, but in the mornings, they just covered up the calling pieces with a bingo board.

Every year a few friends bring me chocolates in tins for valentines day.  I devour them happily.  Lou usually helps.  Bee's too picky for the unknown.  Some were set out with old conversation hearts and tweezers for a transferring activity.

A few others were set out with chocolate scented play dough.  We used coco powder to flavor the play dough which was made using this recipe.   The kids made the play dough into chocolates and placed them in the little dividers. 

Kids used their hands to work on this one-to-one correspondence activity. Previous years, we've played this with rolling a dice.

These pieces were also just set out for filling containers and closing and opening them.  I had so many of the big heart containers and was just glad that I found something to use them with.

Think were' done with valentines day... think again. 

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