Thursday, April 4, 2013

that lovely cutter

I've been keeping that new cutter of mine busy.  Here are a few random projects. 

I cut out a bunch of robots for R day at school.  This is a purchased image from Silhouette.  I made my brother a car decal with it too in white vinyl.

I cut out a bunch of chalkboard vinyl (ordered from Pick Your Plum) and labeled everything.

I used my new birthday chalkboard markers (from Joanns) to write on them.  I ran out of chalkboard vinyl but will order more next time they offer it.  The labels are shapes I found online that I traced using the software, so they were free shapes.

These  t-shirts were made for Valentines day using some heat transfer vinyl (from Pick Your Plum).  There was a little learning curve but I love how they turned out.  Lou requested an arrow shooting a heart.  I couldn't find exactly what he wanted, but using the silhouette software, I was able to blend a few and move some parts around to get what he wanted. Bee's bird was an edited purchased picture.

 This heart shirt was for a buddy.  He requested a heart with an arrow.  We came up with a manly version.  This was a purchased image. 

Of course, Tippy and the cats got some fun labels on their food containers.  I told you I'm labeling everything.  These are all free images from found though google images usually with the addition of a little editing.

The vinyl I used here isn't special waterproof vinyl, but it's holding up great so far.

Love this one.  We traded 'water bottle customiation' for fresh eggs.  Birthday boy Lane plays ice hockey.

I used some vinyl as stencils to add our name to this old bench that sits by the front door.  I've been thinking about it for about two years.  We got it at a yard sale a few summers ago.  It holds all the winter gloves and hats. My lettering not centered well and drives me crazy when I look at it.

We added the children's teacher's names in their favorite colors to little notebooks we ordered for teacher appreciation week. The notebooks are from Pick Your Plum.  I'm sort of addicted to that site.

The pieces for this bulletin board in my classroom were all cut out with my silhouette too.

The images of the children were all free images I found though a google image search.  They were pieced together from different source.

I traced them using the silhouette software.  Most got a touch of editing, but nothing too hard.

 I laminated them and used tape to stick them up.  I'll use them for something again next year for sure.

I made another bunting for the area in the classroom behind the sink.  It reads, "He is risen."   I'm thinking of a spring saying next to carry us though the end of the year.

I cut out about a million paper hearts and filled up a bottle that we mailed to a buddy for Valentines day.  We added a few treats and several little notes.  I think it must have been fun to have received it in the mail.

Can I just say again, that my silhouette cameo has been one of the best presents ever!  They aren't even paying me to say that.  But, if they wanted to, I wouldn't complain.

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