Friday, April 19, 2013

popcorn day- preschool style

Here are a few items from popcorn day, which has been awhile back now.  I'm getting caught up though and that's the goal.  School is out in like 5 weeks, goodness! 
This is one of those themes where I wish I could write a children's book.  I just couldn't find the right book for popcorn day.  This book, The Popcorn Shop by Alice Low was better than what I've used before though.   Here are a some out of order activities from popcorn day with my youngest friends.
Last year (see the end of this post) we did something a little different with this popcorn paper.  This year, I used it as a color bingo.  This class of 3s and 4s needed this. 

Here's a little courting backwards song.  I put the paper pieces up on the feltboard and we counted backwards.  I wish there were more counting forward songs, so we just make sure to stop and count what is left (in correct order) during our song.

               5 little kernels sitting in the pot, one got hot and it went pop.  (keep counting backwards) 

At the end, we had the pot got hot and it went pop.

We also danced to Laurie Berkner's Popcorn song, Popcorn Calling Me. The kids love the part where we 'sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle .... and then POP.'  I also have Raffi's popcorn song written down in my plans, but I think I just played it while we played. 

Here was our craft.  You'll find last years below.  We glued popped kernels to paper corns on sticks.

We popped ping pong popcorn on a sheet.  The kids love popping things on a sheet.  It's a diy parachute but just the right size for a little group of friends with tiny hands.  We popped the balls off, picked them all up and repeated.   We pop things all year on the sheet. 

We did a little taste test and then graphed our favorite flavors.  I love graphing with little people.  It's a great  math skill and can be done so easily.  All types of questions and information can be gathered when we look at our results.

This was fun, we took the kids to the gym and let them blow a piece of popcorn across the floor.  This kept them very focused for several minutes.  I think we almost had a few pass out though!

Again, here's last years stuff


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