Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hurt shoulder

Bee and Lou had to fend for themselves for a few days.  They cooked a lot of scrambled eggs. 

I hurt my rotator cuff in a mystery injury.  Really I just woke up one day and it was so painful I couldn't move it.  Extreme sleeping.

Thankfully the kids and I had the day off school for a make up snowday.  We spent the whole morning at the orthopedic surgeons office. 

They sent me home with a prescription for some steroids and a sling.  Those steroids!  Oh my, I felt better in two days and had a lot of energy.  I stayed up late, got up early, cleaned the house and organized closets. I got a whole lot done.  Then the bottle was done and I needed sleep again.  It was good while it lasted.


karen608 said...

Hopefully better then?
I had bursitis AND a pinched nerve in my neck for 1 1/2 months making my left arm rather useless. Hope your pain is long gone!

karen608 said...

This past month, BTW, my right hand was paining me, and it was my elbow that was out of joint. I am not to push on anything with that arm. I think I injured myself in my sleep. I forgot to mention this in previous comment. Maybe it is the weather or something???

deeps said...

take rest and get well fast :P

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