Monday, June 14, 2010

garage sales and my entrepreneur

My whole neighborhood was supposed to have a garage sale this weekend. I think 8 people did. It's just as well, 8 was plenty for us for one morning. The back of my car is only so big. At some point we have to head home. I did manage to find a few goodies:

This wire basket brought back fond memories of my lifeguarding days. Actually, we used the old pool baskets upside down in the water for the kids to stand on during lessons. Safety first you know. Good grief, it's a surprise no one ever got tetanus standing on old rusty wire baskets. I had thought this could go in my sewing room but Lou took it to his room and filled it with monster trucks.

Plate for tea parties, wooden spools, yarn for this project.

Best find of the day- canner and rack. I've been patiently searching for months. Found it today for $4.
This adorable coat is for Bee... in like three years. It was so cute and in great shape and a steal, I won't mind storing it for a few seasons.

My entrepreneur Bee sold cookies and homemade pretzels and hydrangea flowers. Lou sold kettle corn. She set up at our neighbors house. Bee made almost $10. I think she did as much trading as selling; she came home with several little toys. She's saving for a Nintendo DS. I only agreed because I thought there was no way that a 4 year old could save up over $100. She only makes 35 cents a day for doing her chores. I may be proved wrong soon.

I got a really neat student desk that I plan to show later in the week. It makes my happy.

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