Wednesday, June 16, 2010

other favorite preschool resources

Yesterday I wrote about a favorite math site I've used. I thought while I was going through my bookmarked favorite preschool links for a friend, I'd just share my favorites here. I often get asked where I get ideas for projects, activities, songs, etc that I use with the nature center or when I taught little people. Here are some websites that I have used and like. Also, you can find my archived preschool posts on the right hand side of this page under the label preschool.

no particular order, some are more user friendly and rich with ideas than others...

Everything Preschool (sorted by themes: songs, art, stories, activities, etc)
Pre-K pages (excellent site with all sorts of resources. Sorted by theme and/or by skill)
Can Teach (songs and poems)
DLTK (by letter/theme)
Kids Craft Ideas (letters, nursery rhymes, holidays)
The Idea Box
Preschool Education (themes)
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow (songs and poems)
Toddler Toddler (crafts)
Artist helping kids (crafts)
Kinder By Kim (themed ideas and lots of class made books)

Blogs are were I get most of my ideas for activities I use with my own kids but many things would be great for classroom use also. Here are some blogs that I follow that are education/preschool related:
Teach Mama (a reading specialist mama who does a lot of literacy activities with her kids at home)
ABC 123 (collaborative effort- they generally choose and theme and people submit ideas)
counting coconuts (Montessori based)
no time for flashcards (preschool aged for sure- books and crafts that go with a theme or letter)
Filth Wizardry (hands on activities- more 'unschooling' than schooling)
4 Crazy kings (preschool things another mama does with her own kids as well as her own projects)
Confessions of a homeschooler
1+1+1=1 (more homeschooling resources)

Of course there are tons of other resources out there on line. I know there are. Do you have a favorite site I did not include? Are there other educational sites or blogs I should know about? Feel free to self promote your own blog if you think it has good preschool ideas!


Mari-Ann said...

Wow! I'm so pleased to know you've referenced my blog for ideas - I feel honored! Thanks for linking back to me, too. :)

Counting Coconuts

Mama King said...

Thanks! I have been so busy getting ready for our move that I have been a bit absent as of late. I am looking forward to getting settled and posting regularly and visiting all my favorite blogs, like yours! Enjoy your summer. I hope you feel better.

Jen05 said...

Recently found this site. She has ton of ideas that cover infants up through early school age, and it's with a Christian focus that I appreciate. Some areas of her site are Members Only, but the majority is free. Great ideas there!

Thanks for posting your list of links and for sharing all that you do! I enjoy your blog so much!

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