Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time to eat

I never thought I'd have such interest in broccoli or certainly that's I'd write about it so much. But Alas, here's another post concerning broccoli. We got to cut and eat the top head of one of our plants last week. Bee asked if she could eat it right away. After all, we've been eating peas right form the garden.

Oh honey, there are probably little worms we need to pick off!

There they are!
Sure enough, there were 4 on this little head. Reminds me how 'treated' most of our food is. I could pick and pick these guys off all day long and there would still be some left.

It's a good thing we don't have to eat from what I can provide! Here's the 'bounty' we each got tonight.
Here's the difference from our garden broccoli and some store bought stuff I picked up to supplement.

This is close to the last of the sugar snap peas we see. We've eaten several each day and have enjoyed them immensely. Next year, we will at least double the amount we planted this year.

I love to see these little baby growths. These are yummy yellow squash.

Can't wait. Seriously, can't wait for the tomatoes.

This guy is going to be funny, a black tomato!

Ok, so we can't eat these, but they are decorating our kitchen table and almost every surface I can fit a vase on in the house.

I am enjoying these too. These tiger lilies are my favorite flower. Hubby grabbed these in Missouri on his way home from an appointment this week. He's a smart guy and knows they are my favorite. Turns out our neighbors have a bunch growing in their backyard. Guess he won't have to wait for out of state work appointments to keep them fresh for me.

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Sarah said...

Yum! I love Martha Stewarts recipe for "Lighter Sesame Chicken" (with Broccoli). You can find it on her website. We actually made it for dinner tonight!

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