Monday, June 28, 2010

gummy candy math

More math. Indulgent math. Gummy math. I found this gummy candy counting book at a garage sale for 25 cents. It's a counting book and pretty basic. I figured it was a good excuse to buy gummy candies.

I wrote out some math problems on construction paper gummy worms. I don't know what it us, but math is more fun when the work is on fun paper. The girls (with clean hands) used the gummies as counters when needed.

Lous worm had numbers 1-10 on it. We placed gummies on the numbers and counted. over and over. He still says 6,7 18, 19.... good grief!).

I had cut out some large gummy bear shapes thinking I'd use them for somehting. They ended up being a collection spot to save bears earned for correct/corrected problems.

Lou enjoyed the book. It counts up to 12.

I had some gummy candy themed problem solving written out for each little person. They were similar in style is our read draw solve problems.

I did let my people eat some of the gummies we worked with. We washed our hands first. When I've done this kind of food related activities (measuring with gummy worms, making pie graphs with M&Ms, etc), I usually make them throw away the pieces we work with, with the promise of clean ones for eating afterward.

They used a combination of drawing and gummies to solve these problems. I have seen several recipes to make gummy bears. Here's one from skip to my lou. I think this is one treat that it's better I didn't have that kind of access too.


Anonymous said...

I do math with cookies...Grandpa had five cookies. Grandpa ate five cookies...where can grandpa find more cookies?

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

Beth....I love your math ideas! Hopefully I will be able to do a better job teaching math this year at preschool.

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