Sunday, June 6, 2010

bed questions and a giveaway

Does anyone have bunk beds? I remember my brother having a set and I think my sister and I slept in them at one house when we had to share a room. I'm thinking they make them differently now. I remember falling off of the top more than one time. Lou has been in a 'big boy' bed for some time. He has a frame, but he doesn't have a headboard or foot board.

I'm considering getting a bunk bed. He's only three so he'd sleep on the bottom. Is he too young? I'm sure there would be lots of climbing to the top. Does anyone have a bunk bed advice? I'm kind of looking at this one.

Also- I have a giveaway coming in a few days. It's for a gift certificate to CSN online store. Not enough to buy a bunk bed, but absolutely enough for a fun kitchen gadget or something for the home.

unrelated photo: Someone kept ringing my doorbell and running while I was typing this up. I finally stuck the camera out the door and captured the culprit. Gotcha. Silly Bee.


Anonymous said...

As a parent & grandparent my vote is that Lou is WAY TO YOUNG for bunkbeds.

Love Always,

Melissa said...

We considered them for the boys. I think kids are supposed to be 5 before sleeping on the top. My biggest hesitation is changing the top sheets. Everyone says they are a huge pain to change. If he is sleeping on the bottom it's not a huge deal. If you buy them and he is climbing and jumping from the ladder do you have the option to have two separate beds from the set?

BTW what a cute little door bell runner! :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered a trundel bed instead of a bunk? Trundels have 2 places to sleep and it would be safer for a 3 year old. Just a thought, my kids have them and love them! Good luck bed shopping!
Love ya,

Our Crazy Family said...

My 6 year old and 2 year old share a bunk bed. Neither one of them have fallen off. The beds have a railing all the way around except where the ladder is. It is really safe and they love them. Good luck!

Gorgeous Garden by the way ;) ours is just starting....(we live in Utah....gotta love the growing season here) :)

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