Friday, June 4, 2010

math and stuff

In addition to the hundreds club pages we are working on, we are also working on problem solving books that I made up. I shared once before about my not so secret love for Read-Draw-Solve books. That is what our problem solving books are based on.

I made four different books (the kiddos are going into pre-K, K, 1 and 3). The three older kids have similar books. The 'problem' is similar, but the difficulty level is different. Lou's book is different entirely.

Here's an example from earlier in the week. Here's the kindergartners book. Hers reads: "Mom bought 3 tennis balls. We had 2 at home. How many do we have now?" She is to draw and solve and write the answer. I want her to start adding the label too. I guess I forgot to tell her this day.

Here is the 1st graders book. Hers reads: "Amy bought 3 cans of tennis balls. Each can has 3 balls. How many did she buy?" She is to draw it, write a number sentence for it, and then write out the answer with label.

Here is the 3rd graders book. Hers reads: "Annie bought 4 cans of tennis balls. Each held 5 balls. How many balls did she buy?" She is draw it out, write out a number sentence and answer with label (Looks like we forgot the label here too).

Lou's book is much different. He did a few this day and then went onto something else. His is all about counting in various ways.

The books seem to be going over well. The kids keep them in their buckets and they go to them when they finish their 100s club page. The more prepared and 'automated' things can be, the better it works. Four kids on different work is almost harder than 29 on mostly the same work.

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