Friday, June 11, 2010

oh those lemon cookies

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Did you ever try those lemon cookies that the girl scouts peddled a few years back. I've scoured the nation and can't find them being carried anymore. I now have a pretty close replacement. My Grandma gave me this recipe. I can't believe I've been holding onto it for so long without trying.

Oh, I love lemon, lemon cookies
1 box lemon cake mix
2 c. whip topping -thawed
1 egg
powdered sugar

mix cake mix, whip topping, and egg. It is a thick and sticky batter. Wash you hands and remove rings, you're about it get into this mess. We found that if you put powdered sugar on your fingers before the next step, it helps. Roll batter into balls gently with your fingertips. Roll in powdered sugar.
Bake 12ish minutes at 350 degrees.

I'm guessing you could use all kinds of cake mix. Yum, I'm thinking about all the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

I'll take three boxes

Love Always,

grandma said...

Yes, any flavor cake mix works. I will send another recipe using cake mix that is not so messy.

Mama King said...

Wow! Looks amazing. Hope you gave your Grandma a big batch :-)

This is my kind of baking. I like any recipe that starts with open a box of...

Carole Davids said...

These must have been good because I never saw any of them down at this end of the street. hmmmm....

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