Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st day

The day has finally come. Bee is off to kindergarten! Apparently, she grew up at some point.

She wanted to practice waiting for the bus. She doesn't ride the bus. She should really watch out for pirates! (These shoes have been a sore spot. She has to wear a shoe with a sock to school. That limits what shoes you can wear)

This is one little pirate who was not so sure about his sister going to kindergarten.

She remembered that she should get a Schultuete for the first day of school. Being in kindergarten means you have a good memory.

She took this little treat to her teacher. She ended up being really embarrassed about it and I gave it to the teacher.

After drop off, the 1st grade parents threw a little 'boo hoo' breakfast for the kindergarten parents. They passed out these tissue packages. Lou took several packages before I stopped him.

Two more weeks and Lou and I are back at school!


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I can't believe it happened already! Hannah is so grown up!

grandma said...

I don't know who didn't like the shoes but I think they are perfect. She looks so pretty today as she waits for the bus. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Love Always,

BigBearswife said...

aww her backpack is so cute! Hope she had a good day and I hope you did too!

Carole Davids said...

I didnt know about the pirates in the neighborhood, LOL, very cute. She needs more bead socks. I will get right on that. You mentioned the boohoo breakfast yesterday and I finally got it this morning. ha!

Aunt Donna said...

Love the dress, backpack, shoes and hair bow! She is picture perfect!

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