Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mystery solved

I posted awhile back about these mystery trays that my neighbors had found on a dumpster diving trip. Did I say dumpster diving? I meant 'picking' trip. A re-purposing trip. It's recycling really.

Mystery solved.
We had origionally suspected it involved canning jars, but when I placed a pint jar in them the sizing did not make sense. It's for quart jars. Quart jars fit in perfectly. Exactly. They we designed for quart jars. The funny part is that my two neighbors picked up 4 of the 10 trays they saw out. I ended up with 2 since they were of no use to anyone. The other two were burned as scrap. Now, I think we all want the two remaining trays that are squirreled away in my basement holding my green beans and other goodies. Perhaps they won't remember I have them. Shhhh.

I have a bunch of canning coming in the next few days. I have been so busy in the kitchen canning, I haven't had time to write about it. I have peaches, salsa, dill pickles, and pasta sauce coming up! If I don't see another tomato for a few days, I'll be a happier person!

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