Monday, August 30, 2010

travel pouch

My neighbor is going to Africa next month to do some mission work. She's going with a medical team who serves those in the prisons there. She's amazing. She asked me to make up something so she could carry a little money under her clothes. She described a skin(ish) colored pouch. I think we came up with something that will work perfectly.

So, this actually goes under your clothes. Nobody wanted a picture of that. It's flesh'ish' color to help keep it from shouting, "Here's my money- come on and take it." It's thin muslin to help keep it from being too hot. She's going to the equator though... I don't think there's any getting around the hot part. I had to put a some pretty fabric inside.

We bounced around several ideas about the belt part. It needed to be somewhat elastic so she could wear it comfortably 24/7 and move it around depending on what she was wearing that day. There are two snaps on the belt. We talked about velcro, but it didn't feel secure. Then we thought maybe no fastener might be best, so she had to step into it. Then we got worried that what if something happened and she did want to remove it quickly. Snaps seemed the happy medium.
It's just a bit bigger than US paper bills. We weren't sure what currency she'd be carrying and if it was the same size as ours. It has a little wiggle room for that.

I can't wait to hear about her trip. I know there are amazing things there waiting for her.

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grandma said...

That was an exciting project. A friend has made something minilar that is worn on the leg. Her son travels for business all over the world. I will have to check into that for you. It probably is just elastic. This does look more comfortable.

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

So what do you charge for one of those? SIL is going to Africa next month. I bet on the same trip! :o)

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