Wednesday, August 18, 2010

playdough shape cards

I'm devouring the book, Creative Activities for Young Children. Again. This might be the third time I've read it.I have the 5th addition, but it looks like it's up to 8 now. I didn't read most of my own college text books, but I picked this text book up at a friends library sale a few years ago and love it.

Here's an idea from it. I made up a set of laminated, card stock- should last at least all year- cards. Each has a shape in outline form. Kids can roll out play dough snakes and create the shape. I added the names of the shapes because I think everything should be labeled. I made these up in word, it took 5 minutes.

Bee wanted to try them out. Lou wanted to play instead.

Both were rather focused. Bee did all 8 cards.

Playdough worked really well, but I think that laying some kind of cereal or snack would work. Also, pom poms or little pebbles could have been laid on the shape. There are lots of possibilities.

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Mari-Ann said...

What a very clever idea! I could see my son loving this - he's really into letters and letter sounds lately. :)

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