Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm a winner

I may not have won the race this weekend (and Bee and Lou think I might each run). In fact it was not my best time and I came in like 323 rd place out of 565 female runners. That sounds better than 640th place out of 950 total runners. I got to run with a friend so it was more enjoyable. The best part was that it was easy. Last 5K race I thought it was a little hard. It was hot and I was by myself. This time I thought, "oh that wasn't bad!" That's good news because next month I am running a 10K..... then in October, it's the half marathon.

I didn't win the race. But, what a surprise when I checked my email this morning and found out that I won something from Expect Moore. Last week she had 'Pocket week.' I added my ultimate teacher bag to the linky party. I won this pocket watch stamp from Sweet Grass Stamps.

I am thinking a really cool letterbox! That reminds me, we are discovering geocaching. It's like letter box meets technology. More on that sometime soon. Sometime when I have my own computer back.

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