Monday, August 16, 2010

As you like it dress

I had so much fun on this one. I got to work with Jessica from Happy Together again to test out a pattern. This pattern is called the "As you like it shirt or dress" and is now available in her shop.

I made Bee a dress using two of the optional elements, the tiered skirt and the one piece top.

It passed the spinability test, a requirement at our house.

Bee and I had discovered this jersey knit a few months ago and I hadn't come up with the right dress for it. It's a bit on the thin side. The top of this dress is lined and the skirt is so full that it worked out great. It's bee so hot, this fabric has turned out to be a great choice.

The most fun part of the pattern is the back. the straps are long and come together in a big bow.

My sister took these photos for me. I guess that means these are from July, when she was down for Bee's birthday.

I also made one for a friend. This was actually the first one I made. I followed the pattern exactly. The top is one of those cross tops (which always slightly reminds me of a nursing top).

She selected the fabrics. Cupcakes and blue.

I find Jessica's patterns so easy to use. They all have step by step directions with photos at almost each point. She explains things well and I think even a beginner could sew from them. She already has us working on the next pattern. Bee will like this next one too.

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