Saturday, November 20, 2010

another cute skirt pattern

I got asked (can I say that if I actually kinda beg first) to test out another pattern for Jessica at Happy Together. I love working with her patterns. I'm a little worried though. She is getting so good at her first draft that she's not going to need us testers anymore.

Here is her post about it with all the lovely pictures of the cutie models in their stylin skirts. She has the pattern for sale in her shop now. My poor pictures fail in comparison to the other mama's. Maybe I have more laundry to fold. and dishes to do. and pee-ed up sheets to take care of. Maybe they already know how to get dry erase marker off the couch.... ? They might even be able to explain why there is a sock floating in the toilet at my house.

Bee really likes these skirts because she knows where each fabric came from, a shirt from mommy, an old sundress, daddy's work shirt, even one of Lou's old stained t-shirts.

This one is her favorite. She's clearly a rock star.

Since Bee only wears dresses and skirts (by her own choice), we went to the shirt drawer first and chose t-shirts with no skirt to be worn with. Then we went to the t-shirt remnant tub in the basement and selected material to piece together to be match with the shirt. I figured our chance of matching were much better this way.

I've said it before, but even if you aren't a pattern fan (and I am not), Jessica's patterns are like that. They are like a girlfriend sitting down and telling you how to make something. It's how I'd write patterns, which might happen some time after the socks stop ending up in the toilet.

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Happy Together said...

I think yours rocked! And she totally rocked it out :) Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! You did a fantastic job and always give such great feedback!

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