Tuesday, November 9, 2010

gone fishing

One of the blogs I follow is One Inch World. This week she did a post about some various kid activities that didn't fit into other posts. One of the activities she shared was such a simple little project, but one I hadn't thought to do before.

She used pipecleaners to make fish for a little magnetic fishing pole. We've done paperclips on fish cutouts, but that never goes well. The little clips fall off and the fish rip. Pipecleaners are perfect for the job, plus, Bee could easily make her own fish while Lou started fishing. I just hotglued the superstrong magnet on the end of a ribbon and tied the ribbon to a stick we had in the garage. There may be a kite come spring that is missing a part. I can't think where else this would have come from.

I had the perfect leftover super strong magnet from my magnet finger glove for preschool, the one with WAY too strong magnets on the finger tips. We had so much fun with this over the past few days that Pillow pet wanted to join in .

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