Monday, November 15, 2010

excuses... excuses...

I am kind of MIA and plan to be for the next few weeks. Here are my excuses.

I am up every two-three hours in the night right now... Bee is desperately wanting to stay dry at night. She's five, but is such a sound sleeper and doesn't wake up at night for anything. She's been potty trained for a long time of course, but we've ignored the night time thing until now. I have to wake her up. I set my alarm and get up every few hours to take her to the potty. Good grief, it's like I have an infant. I am hoping only a few more days of this and then we can go to once or twice a night. Mostly, I'm tired. two hours must be the right amount of time to assure you never enter REM sleep.

There is a craft fair this weekend. My neighbors are letting me throw some stuff in, I'm trying to get a few more things ready.

I have several large projects in the works. It's a homemade Christmas here and I'm trying hard to keep up. Plus, the Christmas orders on Etsy are starting... I need to stay up on that.

It's dark and dreary out. It's this time in the year that I miss Florida. Motivation levels are low. It's easier to bundle up and hide inside. Sweat pants make me feel lazy.

I am on a new no-computer during the day plan. Between planning for school, blogging, regular email stuff, ebay, etc, it was getting a bit much. All computer use (ok, at least 95% of it) is being saved for after kiddo bedtime.

We are moving. It's not far, but it's still a move. Things are getting in that state where you don't want to put away laundry since it's going to get taken back out of the closet again in two weeks. It's starting to get messy around here.

And lastly, and maybe mostly, this boy! This BOY! He is... becoming so much more work... so much more trouble.... so much more. oh boy. I just finished up James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys... Now I've moved on to The Strong Willed Child, also by James Dobson. I was just thinking this weekend that he is going to be a teenager some day. I'm going to be one worried and crazy mama by then. I'll be gray haired and a frazzeled ol mess.

So anyway, I'll be hit or miss for awhile. I have stuff to write about, it just may take awhile to get it all here.


Kelly said...

Good Luck! You'll make it through the next few weeks with flying colors, and then look back pleased with all you got done. I wondered how you found time to blog thus far!

Counting Coconuts said...

Well good luck with all you have going on - you definitely have a full plate! I look forward to reading your posts when/if you have an opportunity to write them.

A good bloggy friend of mine, Cara from The Picky Apple, is writing a an excellent series about her Spirited Child - I wonder if you'll find it interesting, too? Here's the link:


PS: I haven't seen Flat Stanley - is he still on his way? :)

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