Monday, November 8, 2010

cosmetic bag

My sister suggested I sew up some cosmetic bags to give as gifts this year, specifically for her to give as gifts. She's sweet like that.

I've seen several tutorials for them so I knew the general construction plan. I did however consult this specific tutorial. It left unfinished edges, so I came up with my own solution. I have since revised that solution and now have an easier plan to hide the unfinished edges when I make a second. I also slightly changed the bottom of my bag which made it unnecessarily trickier.

I used some of the fabric my brother and his wife brought me from Japan.I've had a hard time deciding just what to use it for. I lined it with a vintage pillowcase. I felt like they were good fabric together until I was done. I would have used something different for the lining in retrospect. This is the prototype, so that means it's for me or for the kids, so it doesn't matter.

When I make the next one, I plan to take more pictures and make a tutorial showing the changes I made and different bottom.

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grandma said...

Doesn't your sister have good ideas? I think you are on to a new gift idea.

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