Sunday, November 28, 2010

pretty bracelets

My Great Aunt has been making the most beautiful bracelets.

Not only are they lovely, but they are very special. The beads are ones that she makes herself and they contain bits of dried flowers from different occasions. All of these particular bracelets contain flowers from my Grandpa's funeral.

Flowers from a baby's birth or a baptism, a special birthday party, a wedding, or an engagement would all be nice made into a special keepsake. I know she does make them to sell, but (despite my encouraging) she hasn't started selling them on etsy on online anywhere yet. I think she reads here most days, so I hope she is encouraged by seeing pictures of her creations online and hearing my compliments.

I asked my Grandma to ask her if she'd like to guest write here and share her contact info or perhaps share how she makes them. I just think they are such a fantastic idea for a meaningful gift. Wouldn't a tutorial on making these be nice? hint, hint.

This blue on is my favorite. I love the color. This one was for my Grandma, she looks so nice in blue and wears this color a lot.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. The car came home so loaded down with stuff that I had to sit cross legged the whole way home. I have some other things to share soon, the move is starting soon... so it could be a bit.

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Kacie said...

I found a tutorial online on how to make flower beads.

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