Thursday, November 11, 2010

thanksgiving wall hanging

I saw this Thanksgiving wall hanging @ AJ's Bow-tique and knew I needed the supplies, like within the hour. It's a fun and quick quilty like wall hanging. It uses artwork from Bunch of Craft, which is really where I saw the link to the wall hanging idea.

I bought this printable fabric at Joanns. It's not what was used in the one at AJ's Bow-tique. It came on a roll so you can cut to size and not waste any. It essentially like this version that I made homemade awhile back. I do think it's really nice and worth the money.

The first two tries, I messed up. My fault mostly. So, I had some extra partial printouts. I cut some up and made up a coffee cozy. I sent it out to a customer this morning so they can test it out for me. I am hopeful that the ink doesn't run.

I do have a successful printout that is in currently being worked on for the wall hanging. In fact, that's where I'm off to right now. It turning out really well and is making me happy. I had to put away this quilt for a few days. The quilting is not going well. It may require me to rip out hours worth of quilting. hours. makes me mad just thinking about it. mad.

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Michelle said...

Sooo cute and creative! Never in a million years would I have thought of that! Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see your wall hanging!
- Michelle @ Bunch of craft

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